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Digestive Problems

As well as providing our daily nutritional needs to keep healthy and strong, eating should be an enjoyable experience. Our digestive system is designed to transport and process the wide variety of foods and drinks we consume each day to fulfil these needs.

The digestive system may become upset by eating and drinking too quickly; eating rich, spicy dishes or too much fast food; or by consuming heavy meals, alcohol and caffeinated drinks late at night. Some people have a sensitivity or intolerance to certain foods and drinks, for example those containing gluten or lactose and this may well mean cutting out foods that contain them. Emotions can also play a part in spoiling our appetite and unsettling the digestive system.

Symptoms of an upset gut might include nausea and vomiting, acid reflux, ulcers, bloating, pain, constipation and diarrhoea. All of these can spoil someone’s enjoyment of food and might mean they have to be careful about what they eat and drink. It might also mean they seek medication to help manage their symptoms.

Acupuncture aims to bring the body naturally back into balance. It’s helpful in calming negative emotions, reducing tension and gut inflammation and many people have found that it provides safe, effective relief for digestive issues alongside dietary and lifestyle changes where needed.
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