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Acupuncture can help manage Stress

How the brain and body respond to the demands placed on them. Some stress is normal and generates the motivation we need to lead productive lives, but each of us has a limit beyond which we cannot cope effectively.

There are many life events that people may experience as stressful, like regular travel disruption – late into work and/or back home; the loss of someone or something important to them; illness or injury; sudden change of life-style, or loss of identity; change of job or accommodation; changes at work; financial worries; family.

Everyone has their own way of responding to stress. Some people experience physical signs such as muscle tension, headaches and difficulty sleeping. Others may have more emotional reactions such as outbursts of crying or anger.

If someone thinks a situation is stressful it triggers their body’s ‘fight or flight’ reaction, causing the release of adrenaline, a natural body chemical. This starts the first stage of the stress response.

Depending on the nature, intensity and duration of stressors encountered, combined with their ability to cope with them, a person may start to experience longer-term and more severe effects.

Acupuncture gently and safely reduces muscle tension, calms the emotions and promotes relaxation. This can encourage better sleep, mood and energy, stimulating improvements in health and wellbeing.

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